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General Contractors Ottawa

Sierra Gate Homes

22 Antares Drive, Unit F
Ottawa, ON K2E 7Z6

We are proud to be some of the most trusted home builders in Ottawa and our contractors always cater to offer you top of the line construction & renovation services.

Why Sierra Gate Homes?
- As a family business, we are committed to providing you with a personal approach.
- We specialize in custom home construction, additions and renovations.
- We use only the highest quality materials in every project.
- We are committed to green construction practices.
- We have exacting standards and our attention to detail is unparalleled.
- We work with an extensive network of quality, reliable trades, suppliers, home builders and designers.
- Our commitment to you does not end upon completion of your project.
- We stand behind the work we do. This means you can expect courteous and professional ongoing service.
- We have partnerships with several renowned companies & general contractors to help you out with all types of home construction works.


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